About Waytop Microspheres

Expandable Microspheres are small spherical polymeric particles, which consist of a polymer shell with liquid gas inside. The internal pressure of the gas will increases and the thermoplastic shell softens when heated, leading to a great increase of the volume of the microspheres.

Waytop Expandable Microspheres Products

Unexpanded Microspheres

Expandable Microspheres can be used as a foaming agent, not only increase the volume, but also promise highly controlled foaming and a closed, uniform cell structure.

Expanded Microspheres

Expandable Microspheres is used as a lightweight filler will add volume without significantly dosing weight, with positive effects on properties, improving compressibility and insulation.

Microspheres Application

Expandable Microspheres find applications in a wide range of industries due to their versatile properties, including the toy clay, shoe sole, explosives, paint, textile ink, etc.

Waytop Expandable Microspheres Applications

Waytop microspheres are characterized by their ability to expand uniformly, creating a consistent and controlled volume increase. This uniform expansion is crucial in applications where precise volume control is required, such as in lightweight fillers for composites or in reducing density in coatings and adhesives.

The controlled expansion of these microspheres ensures that the final product maintains its desired properties while benefiting from the reduced weight and improved insulation provided by microspheres.

expandable microspheres in textile ink

Expandable Microspheres in Textile Ink

It can be used in printing ink on textile, wallpaper, polymer film, and etc., creating 3D surface effects by heating the ink to certain temperature then the microspheres expand.

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expandable microspheres in explosives

Expandable Microspheres in Explosives

Waytop microspheres are thermoplastic hollow filler, working very well as sensitizer in explosives, providing a uniform and controlled cell structure.

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expandable microspheres in shoe sole

Expandable Microspheres in Shoe Sole

It will add volume to the shoe sole without simultaneously adding weight. The low density of the microspheres could create a shoe sole that is not only light, but also comfortable for the foot.

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expandable microspheres in wine cork

Expandable Microspheres in Wine Corks

Waytop Microspheres is an amazing additive in microagglomerated and synthetic wine corks. It gives you good foaming control and anti-shrink.

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expandable microspheres in toy clay

Expandable Microspheres in Toy Clay

It will improve compressibility and elasticity of toy clay, which is fun since its good hand feel. The low density of the microspheres will cut the cost by reducing the amount of binder.

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expandable microspheres in insulation paint

Expandable Microspheres in Insulation Paint

Waytop Microspheres is an excellent additive for both highly flexible exterior paints and reflective roof paints, and other similar concrete materials.

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Feedback From Expandable Microspheres Customers

We had the first contact with Waytop Microspheres in 2020, and now we become their biggest partner in Egypt. Thank you for Waytop's stable supplying and professional technical service in the pass years, leading us to a brand new creation in our field.

Aly Mohamud
CTY Group

Waytop Microspheres is the fastest-action company we've ever met. They always give you feedback or solution as soon as you expect. We are happy to be one of Waytop partner in worldwide and look forward to further cooperation in future.

Vivamus magna
TCC Corp

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