Dry Unexpanded Microspheres

Dry powder unexpanded microspheres, which is applied in non-water system, for example surface modification in artificial leather and wallpaper, weight reduction in plastic, and etc.

Wet Unexpanded microspheres

Wet powder unexpanded microspheres, which is applied in water-based system, for example, 3D pattern in textile ink, weight reduction in phenolic composite, and etc.

Masterbatch Unexpanded Microspheres

Unexpanded microspheres masterbatch improves the dispersion of microspheres in thermoplastic products like shoe soles, profiles, and various food packaging applications.


Unexpanded Microspheres can be used as a foaming agent, providing your product with a controlled foam structure. Not only increase the volume, it also promise highly controlled foaming and a closed, uniform cell structure when used as a foaming agent. In some applications, this guarantee less water/gas penetration.

Waytop Microspheres VS chemical blowing agents

Compared to chemical blowing agents, unexpanded microspheres’ fine, uniform cells achieves a more controlled result on foamed end products. However, if your application want both effect, Waytop can be mixed with chemical or physical blowing agents to achieve the target properties.

It is thermoplastic particles with shells that encapsulates gas. This will make your product more economic, light and numerous other benefits.

Benefits of Applying Unexpanded Microspheres:

  • Fine close cellular foam structure;
  • Stable foaming when processing
  • Nice surface finishes for products;
  • Different particle sizes for different surface results, smooth, less smooth and rough;
  • Improve insulation properties, sound damping, heat insultation and light reflection;

Unexpanded Microspheres Application

In the automotive industry

it is utilized in automotive body fillers to reduce weight and improve fuel efficiency. By incorporating these lightweight fillers into the body filler material, manufacturers can achieve significant weight savings without compromising the structural integrity of the vehicle. Additionally, the thermal insulation properties of the expanded microspheres help reduce heat transfer, contributing to improved energy efficiency in automotive applications.

In the packaging industry

It also benefits from the use of unexpanded microspheres in protective packaging materials. The lightweight and shock-absorbing properties of the expanded microspheres make them ideal for cushioning and protecting fragile items during shipping and handling. By incorporating these microspheres into packaging materials, manufacturers can reduce material usage, lower shipping costs, and improve the overall protection of the packaged goods.

In the coatings and adhesives industry

The product plays a crucial role in reducing density and improving performance characteristics. By incorporating these microspheres into coatings, manufacturers can achieve a lower density product with improved thermal insulation properties. The expanded microspheres also contribute to enhanced durability and impact resistance in coatings, making them suitable for a wide range of applications, from architectural coatings to automotive finishes.

Moreover, the unique properties of the product extend to the realm of personal care products, where they are used in exfoliating scrubs and cosmetic formulations. The gentle abrasive properties of the expanded microspheres make them ideal for removing dead skin cells and impurities, leaving the skin smooth and rejuvenated. Additionally, the lightweight nature of these microspheres ensures a comfortable and non-abrasive exfoliating experience for consumers.


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