Traditional Paints

  • Poor thermal insulation
  • Hard to dry

Paints with Microspheres

  • Low density
  • Cost reduction
  • Easy to dry
  • Good solar reflection
  • Heat insulation
  • Low VOC emissions

Waytop is an excellent additive for both highly flexible exterior paints and reflective roof paints, and other similar concrete materials.

Reflective cool roof paints

Most of the fillers used in reflective cool roof paints are heavier and less reflection from the solar. Waytop Microspheres is totally different, which are high solar reflecting and thermal insulatin. Besides, it could reduce cost by volume since its extremely low true density.


Heat Insulation Interior Paint

Mineral fillers are heavier, and requires more binder/resin since their higher specific surface. The spherical particles of Waytop microspheres has less specific surface, leading to less resin / binder. The elasticity of elastomeric paints containing Waytop are more tough if compared to other alternatives, which is tested and proven in different conditions. Besides, the closed cell structure of microspheres will improve the water proofing property of the paints.



We are here to help. Our application team are ready to maximize the benefits of Waytop Microspheres in your application.