Traditional Marble

  • Heavy
  • Easy to crack

Marble with Microsphere

  • Extended service life
  • Easier to grind, cut and drill
  • Better thermal shock resistance
  • Reduced shipping and installation costs
  • Lower risk of damage during installation
  • More environmentally friendly thanks to reduced use of resin raw materials

Waytop Microspehres could improve the shock resistant of marble.

Since microspehres’ high elasticity, it could withstand hundreds of compressions, leading to microspheres resisting thermal shock, preventing marble from damaging over time. This is very important as the marble needs to withstand hot/cold cycles.

The low density of the microspheres will add large volume without adding weight, helping you produce a durable, long service life, and light marble.

The closed cell structure of the microspheres could reduces water absorption. Also, it could create internal pressure for the artificial marble to agaist shrinking / collapse.


We are here to help. Our application team are ready to maximize the benefits of Waytop Microspheres in your application.