Introduction of Waytop microspheres as Emulsion Explosives Sensitizer

Microspheres are thermoplastic hollow filler, working very well as emulsion explosives sensitizer, providing a uniform and controlled cell structure.

Since microspheres have extremely low density, it is very economy in volume if compared to glass microspheres (Waytop is appx. 6 times as the glass).

The biggest use of Waytop microspheres is in emulsion explosives. Applications for special benefits are also found in light ANFO prills and cartridges as well.

Traditional Explosives

  • Less storage stability
  • Easy desensitize when pressure change
  • Hard to control during foaming process




Explosives with Microspheres

  • Good sensitization
  • Reduce packaging cost
  • High explosion velocity and greater power of explosion
  • Improved storage stability and extended storage period
  • Easier to achieve the target density

The Benefits Applying Expanded Microspheres in Emulsion Explosives Sensitizer

Detonation Properties:

Expanded microspheres act as fuel during detonation, increasing combustion energy and resulting in a high velocity of detonation (VOD), which is very important as Emulsion Explosives Sensitizer. This improved VOD is essential for achieving efficient and rapid detonation in blasting applications.

- Density Control:

Microspheres enable precise control over the density of explosive formulations. By adding a small percentage of microspheres, manufacturers can achieve the desired density without compromising performance. Compared to traditional density-modifying agents like glass microspheres, microspheres offer a more efficient solution, requiring less volume for the same density decrease, as Emulsion Explosives Sensitizer.

- Sensitivity Enhancement:

Microspheres contribute to improving the sensitivity of explosives by providing a uniform and controlled cell structure. This ensures reliable detonation and optimal performance in various blasting scenarios, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the explosive.

- Cost-Effectiveness:

The use of microspheres in explosives offers cost-effective solutions for manufacturers as Emulsion Explosives Sensitizer. Microspheres provide an economical alternative to traditional additives, reducing production costs without compromising quality. Their compatibility with existing mixing equipment enhances process efficiency and productivity, leading to cost savings.

- Safety and Reliability:

Microspheres exhibit resilience to high pressure and shearing forces, reducing the risk of premature detonation or instability. This enhances the safety of explosive formulations and ensures their reliability in various applications, contributing to a safer working environment.

Technical Guide Download:

Emülsiyon patlayıcılarında hassaslaştırıcı olarak uygulanan genişletilmiş mikroküreler.PDF

Microesferas expandidas aplicadas em emulsões explosivas como sensibilizantes.PDF

Microesferas expandidas que se aplican en explosivos en emulsión como sensibilizador.PDF

Microsphères expansées utilisées dans des explosifs en émulsion comme sensibilisateur.PDF

Mikrosfer yang diperluas digunakan dalam bahan peledak emulsi sebagai pemeka.PDF

Сенсибилизатор ретінде эмульсиялық жарылғыш заттарда қолданылатын кеңейтілген микросфералар.PDF

Эмульсийн тэсрэх бодисыг мэдрэмтгий болгох зорилгоор өргөтгөсөн микро бөмбөрцөг.PDF

استفاده از میکروسفرهای منبسط شده در مواد منفجره امولسیونی به عنوان حساس کننده.PDF

يتم تطبيق الكرات المجهرية الموسعة في المتفجرات المستحلبة كمحسس.PDF


Expanded microspheres applying in emulsion explosives as sensitizer.PDF

Расширенные микросферы, применяемые в эмульсионных взрывчатых веществах в качестве сенсибилизатора.PDF

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