Traditional Explosives

  • Less storage stability
  • Easy desensitize when pressure change
  • Hard to control during foaming process

Explosives with Microspheres

  • Good sensitization
  • Reduce packaging cost
  • High explosion velocity and greater power of explosion
  • Improved storage stability and extended storage period
  • Easier to achieve the target density

Waytop microspheres are thermoplastic hollow filler, working very well as sensitizer in explosives, providing a uniform and controlled cell structure.

Since microspheres have extremely low density, it is very economy in volume if compared to glass microspheres (Waytop is appx. 6 times as the glass).

The biggest use of Waytop microspheres is in emulsion explosives. Applications for special benefits are also found in light ANFO prills and cartridges as well.


We are here to help. Our application team are ready to maximize the benefits of Waytop Microspheres in your application.