Traditional Toy Clay

  • Chemical smell
  • ​Hard to preserve, impossible to reuse after drying

Toy Clay with Microspheres

  • Low density
  • Good flexibility
  • Good storage stability
  • Low shrinkage after drying
  • High plasticity and easy to shape
  • Good toughness and extrudability
  • Safe and friendly to the environment

Toy clays containing Waytop microspheres will have high compressibility and elasticity, which is fun to work with since its good hand feel.

The low density of the microspheres will cut the cost of toy caly by reducing the amount of binder. Front Microspheres can constitute up to 90 volume % of the toy clay depending on the binder system used. The closed spheres and resilience of Waytop microspheres will ensure that shrinkage is kept to an absolute minimum while the toy clay is drying, and that it'll remain stable during storage.

Waytop Microsphere could stand the 100C heating for more than 30 minutes, which means no problem to storage in container shipping to oversea market even during the summer hot season.


We are here to help. Our application team are ready to maximize the benefits of Waytop Microspheres in your application.