Blowing Agent

When expandable microspheres comes to a blowing agent, a controlled foam structure makes your production process go more stable.

Lightweight Filler

Expandable Microspheres as a lightweight filler will add volume without significantly adding weight, with a positive effect on the properties.


Expandable Microspheres can be applied in different products for different demands. Give play to your imagination!

About Front Microspheres

Expandable Microspheres is comprised of thermo-expandable microspheres (tiny thermoplastic spheres) containing a low-boiling-point liquid hydrocarbon inside a thermoplastic polymer shell. When heated, the shell soften, at the same time, the hydrocarbon inside expands. Mixing Front microspheres with a resin (base material) adds a variety of desirable characteristics and features to the material, such as reduced weight, enhanced flexibility, and etc.

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microspheres balloon

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