Wet Expanded Microspheres is a super lightweight organic filler with water surrounding the outer shell, which can be used in waterborne products. For example, it will help use less binder in the ink application, improve the solar reflectance in the paint product, and also create special surface finish for the leather.

Benefits of Wet Expanded Microspheres

  • Less shrinkage
  • Solar reflectance
  • Thermal insulation
  • Reduces weight and cost
  • Special surface modification


Grade Solid Content, % Average Particle size, µm True Density, kg/m3 Softening Temp, °C
B40SW 15±2 30±5 30±3 110±5
B60SW 15±2 60±5 20±3 100±5
B80SW 15±2 60±5 18±3 120±5
B100SW 15±2 80±5 18±3 85±5

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