Dry Expanded Microspheres is an extremely low density, high elasticity and low moisture absorption organic lightweight filler. But it is not just a filler reducing weight but also add the following edges to your products.

Benefits of Dry Expanded Microspheres

  • Easy to sand
  • Low water absorption
  • Reduces cost / weight / density
  • Highly elastic, shock absorbent
  • High resistance to thermal shock
  • Excellent adhesion between binder and microspheres
  • Improves thermal insulation, sound blocking and vibration damping


Grade Average Particle size, µm True Density, kg/m3 Softening Temp, °C
B40S 30±5 30±3 110±5
B60S 60±5 20±3 100±5
B80S 60±5 18±3 120±5
B100S 80±5 18±3 85±5

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