Dry Expanded Microspheres

Dry Expanded Microspheres are super light weight product, used for weight reduction, improve elasticity, etc.

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Wet Expanded Microspheres

Wet Expanded Microspheres are used in waterborne products,  for less binder requirements, improve the solar reflectance, and etc.

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Ca-Coated Expanded Microspheres

It is an expanded microsphre coated with calcium carbonate, which is less dusting, used in adhesives, composite, etc.

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Front Microspheres is a super lightweight filler, which will add volume dramatically with small dosage in weight, without losing much of the original properties of your products. Our lightweight fillers allow you to substitute heavier substances with small portions of Front expanded microspheres and achieve better overall results, saving raw material costs in the process.

This photo shows 10 grams Front microspheres and glass microspheres at different densities. The expanded microspheres can be added in much lower quantities by weight than glass microspheres to reach the same volume.

Benefits of Expanded Mircrospheres

  • Cost saving;
  • Less binder/resin required;
  • Excellent flexibility for thermosets application;
  • Easy for sanding;

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